Willowbank Cottage


Willowbank Cottage, by Design Create Play is a beautifully constructed playhouse. This playhouse will look great in any garden, but we particularly had small town and city gardens in mind when we designed this product. All the raised areas are covered, so your child can experience all the thrill of a raised play space, without the ability to peer intrusively into neighbouring gardens.
With its stunning cedar shingle roof and a ply lined interior to the playhouse its beautiful inside and out. The interior walls are completely flat so that the overall effect is like that of the plastered and painted walls of a real house.
Amazingly, there are 3 rooms to this building. The main playhouse, the lower side room, and the upper play deck, with and open front and partially open end wall.
This product can be configured in many ways, and with a wide a range of colour schemes.
This product comes with a straight wave side as standard, as well as a climbing wall. other options are available.


Willowbank Cottage is the latest addition to our range of small garden activity playhouses.

In a small garden every element potentially has a huge visual and special impact on the whole garden, and affects the overall feel of the garden for everybody that uses it. It was with that thought in mind that we designed the Willowbank Cottage. This beautifully made playhouse has an abundance of charm and character which is carried through to the interior of the house as well. The inside walls of the main playhouse area are ply lined and then painted to resemble the plastered walls of a real house. There is ladder access to the upper covered area, which facilitates access to the slide and climbing rock wall. There is sufficient space to sit and view the garden from the upper area, below which there is a second room to the house. All in all there are 3 distinct internal or covered play spaces to enjoy.

A key inspiration in the design of this house was the need to maximise the opportunity for active play whilst not facilitating the ability for children to be able to stand aloft hand have an intrusive vantage point over immediate neighbours gardens and often over the much wider neighbourhood as well.

Where normal open play structures would possibly cause an infringement of planning regulations, and facilitate being a nuisance to neighbours and the surrounding proximity, this playhouse provides the perfect solution. Neighbour friendly and yet full of active and creative play possibilities.

As with all the play structures we make at Design Create Play, Willowbank Cottage can be configured to suit all sorts of different spaces and play requirements.

Additional information

Play Features

Superior specification children's cottage with 3 distinct interior playspaces. Cedar shingle roof, ply-lined and painted playhouse interior, 3m wave slide, climbing rock wall.

Unit space occupied

Main playhouse unit, 3m x 1.5m x 2.3m high. the slide extends approximately 2.5m from either the front of the upper covered play deck or from the side. This playhouse can be configured so that the main playhouse is on the left with the slide and climbing wall unit being on the right.

Installation Estimate

1 day

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